My name is Nick Murphy.

I am a photographer from Australia’s Blue Mountains - a spectacular area with amazing landscapes and almost every kind of outdoor activity you could imagine. As an adventure athlete and traveler, I have a unique perspective that I bring into my work, whether I am capturing the beauty of my home country or documenting regions of the world that many might not have a chance to see in person


The stunning environment of the Blue Mountains that I experienced growing up is what first inspired my interest in photography - I initially pursued it as a personal interest, only later developing it into a professional endeavour. Over that time, I have gained more than a decade of shooting experience, working and collaborating with professional photographers as well as coaching amateurs.

Fundamentally, photography is a way for me to interact with the world and with the things that I am most passionate about. It allows me to travel, to capture people in moments of movement and action doing what they love, and to be a part of those pursuits from mountain biking and rock climbing, to BASE jumping and skydiving. I am able to work and collaborate directly with incredible people through photography, and so it is also a constant source of learning and inspiration. Whatever I am photographing, my work always grows from a place of passion and hands-on participation.

This is a collection of my best work, from what I've seen overseas to the adventures I've had throughout Australia. My photos are for those who want an entryway to make an impact with visitors, an impressive office space with a photograph to provoke thought and create discussion, or simply a way to appreciate a beautiful landscape.

Feel free to browse through the gallery pages - canvas prints are always available from the professional staff at Created For Life Printing on the Central Coast of New South Wales.